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Let's Draw!

10/10/10 11:23 pm - nuxill - 007- *Points to Shlong*


Older drawings from last year. They look just like my drawings today though ahahahahaha what is improvement.
HA HA HO HO HE HECollapse )

Thankfully I have a plethora of scanned artwork so future updates will come sooner? If anyone even cares about that.

9/16/10 12:53 am - nuxill - 006- More than sketches

ooh, now we're getting fancy...

Included in this post:
-Websites overflowing with tips and tricks

Read more...Collapse )

I decided that I would get more use out of this if I posted more than random sketches I've done. Also I need to make an easy to access document of all of the resources I've amassed that I can not download.

9/7/10 11:29 pm - nuxill - 005- hooplah and such

Let's do itCollapse )

It's been a while but that's because I have no scanner access (except the ones in the basement) and I have been 'meh' about using my tablet.

8/17/10 06:06 am - nuxill - 004- Big fat fanart post


This is the post everybody cares about
This is the post nobody cares about /zenCollapse )

And so ends the 'art I drew because Ryder has boring speeches' saga. Tune in next time for when I get up off my lazy butt and scan in all the vacation doodles I did in Virginia.

8/17/10 05:37 am - nuxill - 003- I can't sleep


Switching it up oh ho hoCollapse )

I have to get up in almost two hours but I'm not tired so I guess I'll just update this thing instead.

7/29/10 04:23 pm - nuxill - 002- Hi I really like colors


I did these all about a week ago when I was having a bit of an art block. Doodling always helps me get back into the groove. Changing from digital to traditional and vice-versa helps too.

especially pastel colorsCollapse )

7/28/10 02:41 pm - nuxill - 001- some misc stuff


Hello this is my journal for the silly doodles I have amassed over time in my notebooks and computer.

Some of this older stuff may have been posted in areas like my other journal but they are here because I want to have all my sketches in one place from now on.
Aww here it goes...Collapse )
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